All Saints History


In 2002, Brian and Amy Wolthuis returned to Holland after a brief but rich time of formation in southern CA under the leadership of Todd Hunter.  Responding to a call to plant themselves in a neighborhood for the purpose of loving neighbor in the name of Jesus and encouraging others to do the same, they landed in the central city on 16th Street. Friends began to meet as a very simple, independent house-based church.  Brian worked construction to pay the bills, fixed up their home and 3500 square foot “garage” with the intent to share the space with the community, and started the non-profit 3sixty as a vehicle for this vision. 


Year upon year the opportunities and connections grew.This busy time came to a head in 2009 when exhaustion took over.  Although there was plenty of movement in the neighborhood and church activities, Brian had little covering and support – little connectivity and few habits to sustain the exciting but demanding work of serving a neighborhood.  Through prayer & repentance, relationship with Bishop Todd Hunter, and deep re-evaluation, much healing began and Brian began to practice more ancient pathways of prayer, leadership, and worship.  The slow, delightful discovery of more catholic patterns of faith brought him to explore Anglican history, practice, and community. 


3sixty building-60

After much prayer, serendipity, the guidance of trusted friends, and plenty of discussion, discernment and reading, Brian and Amy were confident this was the church family in which they could be nourished and covered as they continued in their calling.  In 2010, they became members of the Anglican Church of North America and Brian began the process towards ordination as an Anglican Priest.


The first habit they started as a worshipping community was daily evening prayer.  Brian opened the upper room sanctuary in his garage for daily vespers each weekday in 2011.  All Saints Anglican Church officially began gathering for weekly Sunday prayer in the spring of 2013 after Brian was ordained a deacon in the Anglican Church.  (Diocese of the Great Lakes and ACNA)   Following his ordination to the priesthood in summer 2013, weekly meetings continued with the addition of the Eucharist Celebration.  At this time Brian was also appointed as part-time interim priest at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in South Haven, MI where he served through August 2015.  


All Saints’ values and vision reflects this journey of service, prayer, simplicity and neighborliness.  Please visit our All Saints Values & Vision page to read more about how we spend our time, talents and money.