3sixty Connection



If you wonder how All Saints and 3sixty are connected, hopefully this is helpful:  ALL SAINTS HOLLAND is an Anglican Church community based in the central neighborhoods of Holland. We enjoy being together in worship, sharing laughter, stories, food, tears, and, occasionally, sweat.  We endeavor to be a people committed to lives of spiritual formation–living lives of prayer and life in Christ that overflow into creative goodness and love for neighbor.  Many of us live in downtown Holland, but not all.  Some of us are deeply imbedded in the work and community of 3sixty, but many find other outlets for service and community.  While 3sixty and All Saints are separate entities, many of us have a “foot in both places.”Neighborhood Work Day


3sixty is a neighbor-led non-profit based in Holland’s central neighborhoods.  Founded in 2005 by a group of neighbors, (including our priest, Brian) we have been deeply integrated and actively partnering, serving, and collaborating with neighbors and organizations in Holland’s central city.  Since receiving our federal 501c3 status in 2009, we have incorporated a diverse range of volunteers, partners, and interns into our holistic way of community development life.  Our philosophy is simple and strategic: 3sixty is about growing relationships in the midst of helping one another. We practice asset based community development: building a community of neighbors who know each other and care for one another, each bringing their unique voice and gifts to the table.



CONNECTION:  To listen to and connect neighbors naturally, through relationship and conversation.

COMMUNITY: To be intentional in building relationships with:  neighbors, local organizations, businesses, churches, and the City of Holland for the building of a strong community in the central neighborhoods of Holland … always working from the inside out.

COLLABORATION:  To support neighbor-led initiatives within our community.